ARMEDIA sends off one of it’s own with a delicious lunch and a novelty cheque!

Our awesome creative director Deborah Kelly has set sail this week, off on an extended period of leave as she takes her well-earned long service leave to complete her studies, and concentrate on her burgeoning art practice (the 2014 Sydney Biennale, for example). But she will be back!

deborah_kelly_novelty-chequeThe very talented Deborah is taking time off to complete her Master of Fine Arts degree, for which she earned a coveted Commonwealth scholarship, and we look forward to her return next year. Although Deborah is taking time off from the office, she will be working on special projects as the creative director at-large, so while she might not be in the office, she will still be around. So, if you come across Deborah in your travels to Cairns, Italy, New York and beyond (not strictly in that order) be sure to say hello!

Bon voyage, Deborah.


At the same time, we welcome back Madeleine Preston to the fold, as she takes on Deborah’s role. Another extremely talented designer and artist, Madeleine has been part of ARMEDIA’s extended family for some time, and we look forward to even more of her fabulous work—as do our clients!

Deborah’s parting advice to Madeleine: “Keep fighting the good fight!”


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