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The media forgets how it destroyed Julia Gillard

We should never underestimate the ability of the mainstream media to employ double standards, engage in collective amnesia, and paint a rosy picture of the conservative world, a world quite detached from reality. Eddy Jokovich reports. Continue Reading →

Win for the little guy

When the ACT Government acted to force community based Manuka Child Care Centre to relocate, it could not have anticipated the ensuing battle. Camille Howard shares the David-and-Goliath advocacy tale. Continue Reading →

Mosquito advocacy

Her advocacy for the rights of Canada’s First Nations children may have attracted surveillance from her government, but Cindy Blackstock remains steadfast in her vision for equality, no matter the personal cost. By Camille Howard. Continue Reading →

Reimagining education

Five years ago, two schools and a preschool amalgamated in one of South Australia’s most disadvantaged areas. To make it work, the school’s innovation team leaders have changed the face of learning. By Camille Howard. Continue Reading →

A real learning experience

January this year marked the start of the changes to educator qualifications requirements. Almost one year on, Camille Howard talks to some of the educators who gained qualifications following the introduction of the NQF, and found out they discovered more about themselves in the process than they thought possible. Continue Reading →