Plenty of life still left in the pages

With emerging technologies presenting organisations with a range of tools to reach out to their communities, recent figures suggest print publications are far from the publishing graveyard. Continue Reading →

If you print it, will they come?

If you’ve gone down the print on demand (POD) route to publish your first book, the next step is to build a profile and, hopefully, generate interest that translates to sales. Continue Reading →

Print on demand publishing

The publishing environment is constantly evolving as new technology expands the possibilities. One of the latest trends, print on demand, is changing the face of publishing, creating a viable channel for out-of-print and first edition publications.

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Rattler turns 100!

25 years is a long time in anyone’s language. A child born in 1987 is now an adult and many things in our world have changed. In this our 100th edition, Eddy Jokovich and Ingrid Maack look back at Rattler’s advocacy roots and editorial policy of rattling the cage!

In publishing terms, producing 100 editions of a magazine over 25 years is the equivalent of going to the edge of the universe and back. Publishing is an incredibly fickle field and to provide an idea of how tough it can be, of all the magazines that were launched in 1987, only 5 per cent still exist. Of all the magazines that were being published in 1987, 90 per cent have disappeared.

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