Desperately seeking asylum

January in Australia is usually hot. Stinking hot. Right now, this minute, Australia is literally the hottest spot in the world*. Adelaide reached tops of 46+ degrees today, which is pretty bloody hot, but I am reminded by many on Twitter about the horrible conditions the asylum seekers on Nauru face, every day. Continue Reading →

Another great year!

Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year from the ARMEDIA team. 

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Coalition doesn’t give a Gonski

These last few weeks we’ve seen the relatively new Abbott Government backflip on a few pre-election ‘promises’ – that is when they’re actually releasing information – including our budget “emergency” and promises of a no-surprises, transparent government. Now it seems the latest to be broken is Tony Abbott’s pre-election promise when he said there was “no difference” between he and Kevin Rudd on the issue of school funding. Continue Reading →

Where in the world is Tony Abbott?

We’ve been playing a little game in the office called Where in the World is Tony Abbott? It’s a little bit like the geography game played as children—Where in the World is Carmen San Diego—but far less educational, instructive and, well, productive. Continue Reading →

Once upon a time in Canberra

The federal election is coming and Labor’s game of musical chairs is over. Eddy Jokovich reflects on the past three years of government and what the sector can expect from the political process in the future.

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The selling out of children’s services

Corporatised institutions have a stronger presence in most areas of everyday life in Australia. With the privatisation of many government services over the past decade, is there a place for corporate competitiveness and profit motivations in children’s services? Eddy Jokovich looks at the key issues in the political debate about corporatising childcare and why community-based services need to be concerned. Continue Reading →