It’s official: we’ve moved office! OK, so it wasn’t a big move (same building, two floors down) but the pack up and unpack is as frustrating as any other. First it was the pack up, which involved culling the treasures/rubbish collected over the years, boxing everything up, then leaving the heavy lifting for the experts.

Then comes the hierarchical battle for desk position, which was handled in the usual way: first in, best dressed, coupled with survival of the fastest—fastest to unpack calls it. (Aside: is it wrong to hide the boss in a corner?)

Anyway, the dust has settled and we’re settling into a new floor, surrounded by a range of interesting design, film production, consultant and construction companies, which we hope to get to know soon.

While the old office may have been far too big for our needs, scaling down means we are all now a little cosier, with a lot less room to hide from colleagues, as Eddy discovered earlier. There’s also the battle of big furniture in a smaller space. Let the second round of culling begin…

So, pop in for a visit—we’re now at Suite 213, 61 Marlborough Street, Surry Hills—and feel free to share your thoughts and layout and decorating tips…




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