With the 19th Biennale of Sydney officially kicking off tomorrow, ARMEDIA couldn’t be prouder of our creative director Deborah Kelly, who is exhibiting her collective collage works at the Art Gallery of NSW.

And we’re not the only ones who think her work is pretty special.

Tracey Clement described Deborah’s work (pictured above) as one of the ‘Six of the best’ exhibits to see. “The Aussie artist presents a selection of her erotically charged and politically pointed signature-style photo collages,” she wrote in the SMH.

And Deborah’s Biennale work also gets a mention in March Vogue, with Juliana Engberg (Biennale artistic director) quoted as saying: “People will love Kelly’s collective collage works, which feature throughout Biennale.”

Plus, as proof of the Biennale’s international reach, Deborah’s work was celebrated in the International Arts section of The New York Times*.

The 12-week long exhibition features more than 85 local and international artists who are exhibiting their work in Cockatoo Island, the Art Gallery of NSW, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Carriageworks, Artspace in Woolloomooloo, as well as  events around Sydney’s CBD. Visit www.biennaleofsydney.com.au to find out more.

Here’s what else the media had to say:

Acclaimed Australian artist Deborah Kelly originally titled her suite of photographs ‘In All Our Glory’ but changed it to ‘No Human Being Is Illegal (In All Our Glory)’ in subtle protest over the sponsorship controversy which has enveloped the Biennale for a month.—Elizabeth Fortescue, visual arts writer,
The Daily Telegraph.

* UPDATE: The New York Times article was published after this article was originally posted.

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