Contemporary illustrations go along way to giving outdated publications a much-needed update. And great illustrations also offer a valuable tool to help to simplify complex information. 

The brief was pretty simple: provide an update to existing publications, which appeal to and inform a wide-ranging audience. The key, though, was to present sometimes complicated legal matters in a clear and uncomplicated way. What has resulted is a fresh design and approach to Legal Aid NSW’s brochures and publications about the NSW fines system.

Legal Aid NSW felt it was time to update the look and feel of their publications, to help them communicate in a clearer and more coherent way to their client base. After direction and consultation with ARMEDIA, Legal Aid NSW decided a more contemporary look and feel would greatly aid their communications agenda. “Legal matters are complicated for many people,” explains Eddy Jokovich, ARMEDIA managing director, “and providing information in a clear and coherent manner relieves some of those pressures.”

On top of clear layout, design and a user-friendly format, another clever way the design team tackled this brief was to commission illustrator Carolyn Ridsdale, whose fabulous collage illustrations feature in Fined Out and other Legal Aid NSW publications.

Fined Out from Legal Aid NSW is a comprehensive guide to the NSW fines system, full of practical information to help people deal with fines, and what happens if you don’t—deal with them, that is. Order a copy of Fined Out (fourth edition) from Legal Aid NSW, or send them an email.

Here are some of Carolyn’s great illustrations:



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