Would you work for 20 per cent less than your current pay?

Early childhood teachers working in community-based preschools and long day care centres earn up to 20 per cent less than teachers working in NSW Government preschools and independent and Catholic primary schools. A full-time early childhood teacher can earn $14,000 less per annum than other teachers.

One of our new clients, the Independent Education Union, is campaigning to reach pay equity for teachers working in preschools throughout NSW. Working in collaboration with Lisa Bryant, ARMEDIA devised the main imagery and concept for the ‘Teachers Are Teachers’ campaign, to be used in the leadup to the 2011 NSW Election.

This material includes large format rally banners, t-shirts, postcards, balloons, web graphics and the all-new teachersareteachers.org.au website—all sure to attract the eye of unsuspecting politicians and candidates.

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