Dealing with past child abuse

How do you respond to an adult who tells you they were abused as a child? While we are well rehearsed in child protection, there is little guidance available for when a colleague or parent makes a disclosure. Child protection trainer Karen Roberts shares her story.

Listening to the truth of someone’s life is a privilege and an honour. When you tell someone your history, they should receive it as such.’ (Bass & Davis, 1997, p.100).

The first part of this quote is something I say frequently, as a trainer in child protection. As educators within children’s services, it is important that we learn how to respond to a child’s disclosure of abuse, and this is a vital component of child protection training. Continue Reading →

Success with government tenders

We are thrilled to announce ARMEDIA is now on the federal Government’s Centrelink Design and Media Production Procurement List, which services 27 different government departments.

The departmental line up includes FAHCSIA, Department of Attorney – General, DEEWR, Austrade; Australian National Audit Office; Australian Communications and Media Authority, Fairwork Ombudsman.

The process to be accepted onto this Procurement List is very vigorous and our inclusion is testament to the quality of work that ARMEDIA produces.

Fund equal pay for teachers

Would you work for 20 per cent less than your current pay?

Early childhood teachers working in community-based preschools and long day care centres earn up to 20 per cent less than teachers working in NSW Government preschools and independent and Catholic primary schools. A full-time early childhood teacher can earn $14,000 less per annum than other teachers.

One of our new clients, the Independent Education Union, is campaigning to reach pay equity for teachers working in preschools throughout NSW. Working in collaboration with Lisa Bryant, ARMEDIA devised the main imagery and concept for the ‘Teachers Are Teachers’ campaign, to be used in the leadup to the 2011 NSW Election.

This material includes large format rally banners, t-shirts, postcards, balloons, web graphics and the all-new website—all sure to attract the eye of unsuspecting politicians and candidates.

An election issue

ARMEDIA gets quite excited when elections are in the air, and this year has been no different. In the lead-up to the August 21 Federal Election, we developed an extensive Media Contacts List—Community Child Care Co-operative was keen to develop relationships with media outlets and enhance its state and national coverage.

The comprehensive list includes contacts for metro, suburban and regional newspapers, Sydney and regional radio stations, and all major television networks.

Continuing our political support for Community Child Care, we prepared a series of campaign materials, including Broadside Briefing, the Campaign webpage (www. and audio and photographic documentation of the ‘Childcare: An election issue’ forum on August 12. ARMEDIA placed the audio recordings of the forum online the following day, and snippets of the forum were broadcast on ABC Radio National.

A case study for growth

ARMEDIA has played a significant role in the successful roll out of the Preschool Growth Program (PGP). The PGP is responsible for identifying and assessing not-for-profit preschools for growth potential. It is an initiative of the Community Child Care Cooperative funded by NSW Community Services (Department of Human Services).

So far, ARMEDIA has produced two issues of the program’s quarterly newsletter, Growing Places, as well as fact sheets and marketing material for distribution to preschools across NSW. Resources include a downloadable media template and a publicity timeline, as well as a marketing kit, stickers, magnets and DL brochures.

ARMEDIA has also designed, launched and regularly updates the program’s Preschools NSW website, a resource for families and people working with families to understand and search for not-for-profit, community-based preschool services. The site’s postcode search tool and a streamed video of a regional television advertisement have been well received by the preschool sector.

Deadly Shots on target

The upcoming Deadly Shots exhibition will showcase photographs taken by young Aboriginal people who participated in a workshop about hepatitis C. To help promote this event, the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW (AH&MRC) approached ARMEDIA to produce an exhibition program and Deadly Shots postcard and poster campaign.

Deadly Shots was inspired by Hepatitis NSW‘s annual competition, Street Shots but uses an interactive technique called ‘photovoice’ to enable young people to develop messages about hepatitis C in their communities. Participants were asked to take photographs that tell a story about the impact of hepatitis C in the community.

Here is a selection of postcards we designed.

Redesign drives bookings

Finding training information online has to be a fast, accurate and user-friendly process. ARMEDIA has streamlined search systems for Children’s Services Central, the provider of professional development and inclusion support and training to children’s services in New South Wales. We did this by redesigning the Children’s Services Central Professional Development Calendar and improving the online booking system.

Previously, the e-booking system had been slow and confusing. Now, users can search for courses by month, course name, or region. They can find the closest course by clicking on a map to view a list of training courses in their region. As a result, Children’s Services Central reports plenty of positive feedback and a 30 per cent increase in bookings!

A conversation with John Conomos

In June, ARMEDIA was approached by author, artist, critic and academic, John Conomos, to prepare two books for publication.

In an age where ‘to converse is sadly a passing art and to listen also a dying thing in our social media saturated world’, the resulting twin titles, entitled Kythera and Antikythera, capture a conversation between artist Peter Lyssiotis, John Conomos and PhD film student Kylie McKendry.

Both 60-page books are indeed a work of art!

The gift of independence

ARMEDIA continues to work closely with the National Relay Service (NRS), a phone service for people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment. We have developed several marketing campaign strategies. Our most recent work has been NRS conference posters for the National Audiologists Conference, as well as a new batch of Gift of Independence brochures. These latest DL brochures are specifically aimed at the family and friends of men who are losing their hearing. A speedy delivery from ARMEDIA for a much-needed service!

Strengthening services in the Shire!

New client, Sutherland Shire Families Services (SSFS), has enlisted the full suite of ARMEDIA’s skills. Given the task of re-branding the organisation, our designers have created a new logo, business cards, an 80-page annual report, new DL brochures and we are currently in the process of redesigning the community organisation’s website. SSFS provides a broad range of support services to children, young people and their families in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire and St George areas.