The latest edition of Community Child Care Co-operative’s (NSW) Rattler magazine is out now, with the final issue for 2013 rounding off a jam-packed year that focused on the role of advocacy in children’s services.

Produced by ARMEDIA, Rattler draws together information from academics and experts in the field, as well as highlighting some truly inspirational case studies to continue to challenge the sector to deliver quality early education and care that meet the needs of their communities.

“This edition speaks to the theme of advocacy and highlights the importance of collaborative goals,” writes Community Child Care (NSW) CEO Leanne Gibbs in her editorial, “and we see people and programs playing a role in transforming children’s lives.”

Ingrid Maack, assistant editor agrees. “It’s all about ‘everyday activism’ and the capacity educators have to make a difference to the lives of children and families. Our cover headlines ‘Advocates in Action’ and ‘Defying Disadvantage’ really sum up this sentiment.”

For the cover story, Ingrid travelled to Airds, one of Sydney’s most disadvantaged suburbs, where she met early childhood educators (pictured) from Campbelltown City Council who are at the coalface of change.

“Despite the disadvantages, the educators at Amarina Learning Centre have created a thriving community hub. Supported by a local council that understands how early education can transform communities and children’s futures, they are constantly benchmarking for best practice and the children are thriving.”

Ingrid says she was also privileged to witness how an integrated service model can be life-changing for a child with additional needs, and their families. “I saw this firsthand when I visited  Gorton House at The Infants Home in Ashfield, where four-year-old Harry has access to a speech pathologist, play therapist, physiotherapist and GP. It is an inclusive early childhood environment in every sense of the word and a reminder how early childhood is a social justice issue for many families.”

Continuing to advocate for what’s best for children and their families—at a time when the Coalition government is set to delay key aspects of the National Quality Framework (on top of the Gonski back-flip)—Rattler asks a team of experts to set the record straight on some of the more common myths doing the rounds, with some surprising revelations. “There were quite a few more myths than we could fit in one issue,” Ingrid says. “In our first issue of the New Year we will make sure a few more are well and truly debunked—stay tuned!”

All this and more is wrapped up in another beautiful package by creative director (and resident artist) Deborah Kelly. Order your copy here.

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